But since I haven’t gone to bed yet this blog still counts for Saturday.  Deal with it.

Today’s soundtrack:
Little Girls from Annie
Little Girls Oingo Boingo
Ghost Ride It Mastah F.A.B.
Crack a Bottle Eminem ft. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent

Blip.fm is my new internet obsession.  It’s essentially Twitter, but for music.  Your friends can join and you can ‘listen’ to their music, it shows up as a feed just like your friends’ tweets on Twitter.  And you can link it to your Twitter account so it’ll update there too.  It is such an addicting site, because the selection is HUGE and you get to listen to the whole song for free.  You can create a little playlist of your favorite songs too so you don’t have to search for tracks over and over.  It’s really fun.  So far the only person I know personally on it is Christine but it’s still fun.  So go get one!  Then maybe you’ll understand why I’ve been on the computer for awhile and didn’t get around to blogging on time.  (Hey, I’m not that late).


2 thoughts on “BEDA: holy smokes it’s past midnight

  1. Yes! It’s me! Even though I update my blog like once a month. I only get inspiration every so often. I suppose I could rant about my day and things like that, but I don’t lead a particularly exciting life. I bet you know they extent of it just by keeping up with my tweets. It doesn’t get much deeper than that.

    I can’t believe we have never met, by the way. I think I’ve seen you in person once, but I didn’t actually know you, just your name, so I would have felt weird going over to Nathan, twins, etc. to speak to you. *sigh* At least we can be friends through all of the various forms of internettery to which we introduce each other.

    Well, this is the last “recent post,” so I suppose I’ll stop commenting now. Perhaps I’ll start commenting on every entry so you don’t receive upwards of 5 comments at a time. Yes. This is a good plan.

    Peace out guuuurl.

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