I have nothing really interesting to say.  I was on Maureen’s Ning looking at some of the rando prompts she provided but I don’t have the energy to really think about any of them right now.  Tomorrow mebbe.

So here is my random thought, as I zone out watching SNL from last Saturday…

What the heck is goin on with Seth Meyers…and Will Forte too, for that matter.  Seth Meyers is nowhere to be seen these days if not for the Weekend Update.  And Will Forte is either only in the MacGruber bits or just some small sketch…and only if it involves singing in a humorous manner.

I like Will Forte…so his absence bothers me.  Seth Meyers…meh.  But it still intrigues me.

That is all.


One thought on “BEDA: where in the world is seth meyers?

  1. They are my favorites. Willyboy is such a cutiepie. I need to stop this horrendous endearing rhyming before I die. It is light outside. I really love Jon Bovi. They make awesome harmonies that you don’t think will work until they do, really well. Yeah. I miss Amy Poehler. But Parks & Recreation is pretty amusing.

    I have a choir concert next Friday in downtown Spokane, you should come. 😉

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