First off, let me say…I’m very very excited for BEDA Buddies to begin!  BEDA Buddies was a brilliant idea from the mind of Maureen Johnson to get BEDA bloggers together and form a support group as we head into the second half of BEDA.  Today is when she compiles the list of applicants and assigns us our buddy or buddies.

And now, something I have been working on…for awhile I guess.  I can’t remember when I started writing this in my MUS 110 composition notebook, but judging by the dates of the blogs before it, I’m gonna guess March of last year sometime.  Maybe April.  There are already about three versions of the beginning because every time I find it I end up rewriting it, which is making it hard to get past the first 20 paragraphs or so.  It doesn’t help that I haven’t done much research into the topic I’m trying to semi-work with.  Basically, it’s a story.  I can’t decide if I want it to take place in a modern setting or not.  I know that may seem like a bit of a random issue, but the basis of the story is kinda Ever After-esque.  Kinda.  I guess you could say it’s Sleeping Beauty or Snow White, after the kiss of true love…  And not so much with the happiness.  And so I could either make it take place in that same fairy tale setting, or I could go all 21st century and have it take place in LA or something.  So, like I said, there are multiple versions of the beginning, because the time period is a big part of any story, and I just can’t decide.  I kind of like the modern version of it better, but I’m having trouble with the “prince” character (obviously he’s not a prince, since it takes place in the grand old US of A) in a modern setting.  What’s the modern equivalent of a Prince Charming, and how do I make him prince-like without making him seem phony?  That being said, I’m not sure if I really want to write a book set in a far away kingdom with castles and horses and all that.  I love reading those stories or watching them in Disney movies but I really can’t see myself writing within that genre.

And then there’s the fact that I’m also supposed to be writing a musical.  Speaking of the DLM, it’s coming along…okay ish.  I’m about half way done with the first act I think, which is pretty lame considering the show is only gonna be about 45 minutes max.  I force myself to “write” for about an hour or two per day, but sometimes I end up barely getting one line of dialogue down.  And that’s it.

I think part of my problem is that I’m always revising and editting as I write.  (Like I said before, three rewrites of the first 20 paragraphs of this story already.)  Writing may be the only thing I’m a perfectionist about.  Even when writing music (at least in past experiences) I can just plunk out a melody and worry about fine tuning it later.  But with writing prose (or scripts, it seems) I have this need to get it perfect the first time.  Thusly, nothing ever gets done.


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