So hopefully I’ll be able to catch up today or tomorrow (which means either tonight or tomorrow you’ll get an extra blog post!  Hooray?)

I want to talk about burpees today.

They look easy enough, and they aren’t too bad for a couple, but they can get to be pretty intense.  Well there was this challenge going on that I managed to completely miss, called the 100 Burpee Challenge.  Basically you do 1 burpee the first day, 2 the second, 3 the third, and so on.  Which means on the 100th day…100 burpees.  I’m gonna try to do it.  I know for a fact that it’s gonna suck majorly and I’ll probably fail miserably but oh well.

Also, I love this commercial:

The mom stare gets me every time.

Burpees done today: 1


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