Yesterday’s post is officially my blog for yesterday…as of right now.  And I’m just gonna have to post a blog for BEDA on May 1st to make up for the one I missed a few days back.  I just don’t have the time or attention span to post twice in one day.  I mean, I could, but it wouldn’t be anything worth reading.  Especially on days when my mom doesn’t work.  She can’t stand when I spend any amount of time on the computer, no matter what it is I’m doing, and so sitting in the kitchen (yes that’s where the family computer is, blame the people who designed these apartments) for an hour deciding what to talk about, then typing, then linking various things, then reading my BEDA buddies’ blogs and commenting, etc. is going to be a pain in the neck.  I’ll do my best tho! 

Anyway, I have nothing really to talk about… I could rant on about my latest computer troubles, but I do that a LOT so I think I should refrain.  This is the bajillionth time I’ve had issues with my HP Pavillion laptop, and it’s annoying because I’m the only person I know who has these problems.  I know that’s very suspicious, and you’re probably thinking that I keep dropping them or screwing them up somehow.  I promise I haven’t.  I haven’t ever spilled anything on either of the stupid things, and this one I only dropped once, and it landed on my bed…so it wasn’t even a hard surface, and it didn’t fall very far.  And that was before I sent it in last time.  Ugh now I feel like I should explain my history with broken laptops.  Ok, I’ll give you the short version.  Summer 2007, my parents get me a laptop for graduation.  Spring 2008, it starts wigging out.  The screen goes black even tho the laptop is on (all the lights remain on) and the fan is running.  I send the laptop to HP, they say the fix it, I turn it on and it works for a little bit (like a few hours) and then does the same thing again.  I call HP and they give me a case number and say that some person will call me.  Then my grandpa dies.  I have to fly to Washington on Wednesday, the day the people are supposed to call me.  Either they call while I’m on the plane and don’t leave a message, or they don’t call at all.  I call again, send my laptop to them again, and they return it saying they’ve fixed it….again.  It’s still not working.  In June my dad gets fed up and decides to involve himself, and ends up nagging them until they replace my laptop.  They do, with a newer model, more memory, longer battery life, etc.  The laptop works perfectly up until Fall 2008, when the CD drive stops working.  As in, the laptop doesn’t recognize that I even have a CD drive.  Bummer, but I don’t feel like dealing with HP again so I just deal with it.  Now I can’t play the Sims 2 during astronomy anymore, so it’s kind of a good thing.  Then during winter break (I can’t really remember when) my speakers stop working, and I have to have headphones in to hear anything.  Then eventually the headphones don’t work either.  Then the screen starts wigging out again.  It’ll go fuzzy and then just kinda black out and I have to manually shut it down.  So I send it back to HP in February.  They return it, and it looks like they’ve replaced the hardrive or something since allll my stuff is gone.  The speakers and CD drive work, but the screen is still giving me problems, just not as frequently.  I can’t use my webcam (because it triggers the problems) except for maybe a minute at a time, for Dailybooth.  I can’t use Windows Movie Maker, for some reason.  It causes the same problems.  Occasionally it does it for no reason.  I only use the internet, iTunes, and AIM in order to eliminate the risk of the comp freezing.  And that works.  For two months, until it starts freezing more and more and so I call HP.  Apparently I need a new hardrive.  So the guy on the phone says he’s gonna send the hardrive to me.  But then my card isn’t working (it’s still under warranty, but they needed a credit card to verify it) so I have to wait for my dad to get home.  I call the next day and this guy says he’ll just have me send it in again.  What they do is send you a box and you return it with the computer inside.  Magic.  So where is the box?  I certainly don’t know, but it’s supposed to be here today.  It probably won’t be though, knowing my luck.

Oops I ranted. 

Basically, I don’t know why this keeps happening.  I think once I get it fixed (or they may end up having to replace it again, which is what happens when they can’t fix the problem after a few tries) I’ll sell it.  Or something.  And then I’ll sell some more of my possesions and get me a Macbook.  I’ve wanted a Mac for awhile, and this shit is getting old with HP.  My cousin, Nick, has an HP notebook too, and he doesn’t have these problems.  In fact I think the reason my parents got an HP in the first place was because Nick and his whole fam bam love HP.  (I’m not blaming them for anything, I think I just have bad luck) 

I really want to chuck the stupid thing out the window.


3 thoughts on “BEDA: stupid laptop

  1. Ahh, my family has ALWAYS had computer issues. I had a crappy toshiba that just stopped working and would just turn off and do this weird blue screen when I used it longer than 5 minutes. Also the screen cracked so half my screen was black and I had to minimize all my windows to like, 1/4 of their normal size. SO INCONVENIENT. All our family computers would always get viruses or just shut down so yeah, booo with pc’s. In February of this year I got my first macbook (mac os x) and I love it! I haven’t had any issues at all, and while I still like pc’s minus all the internal issues, my mac is working out faaabulous. My mom (a PC lover) has even decided that our next “family” computer is going to be a mac. SO SELL EVERYTHING AND BUY ONE!

  2. I too am on my last PC computer. Next time ’round, MacBook all the flipping way! Faster, virus free, eco friendly, more storage, prettier to look at (ha!). I don’t know why I even bother with a Dell sometimes…

    Accio $2000! XD

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