Well I started flaking out toward the end.  As you may have noticed…  Between the computer troubles and just having other (and, yes, more important things to do) and being sick (swine flu?!?! more about that ish later) I simply haven’t had the time, energy, or motivation to blog.  At least not every day.  And for the past 10 days or so I’ve been muttering “Fuck BEDA” every time I sat down to type something.  That also explains the few cop-out blogs.  That being said, I enjoyed being part of the BEDA community, even while not doing a great job participating.  Honestly, seeing other bloggers starting to poop out toward the end made me feel a lot better about doing the same.  But, I figured I should blog for the last day. 

Now for that swine flu comment… It was just allergies.  It felt worse than allergies cuz I was getting dizzy and stuff, but that was because I was getting dehydrated and not eating very much…or well.  I really am not too paranoid about the swine flu.  Thousands upon thousands of people die every year from the plain old regular flu, so…whatever.  There was a case of swine flu and Lee V. Pollard High School (formerly known as Buena Vista High School) which is about a mile from my old house.  So that’s weird.  But, again…whatever.  My mom works at the public library, and she said the city is FREAKING out.  All the city buildings are getting disinfected EVERY 6 HOURS.  No joke.  It’s ridiculous.

Tonight I’m leaving to visit my friends/former roommates/former schoolmates at good old Sonoma State.  I’m pretty freakin excited!  I won’t see them all till tomorrow, but still, it’s close.  Allison has her choir concerts this weekend, and the RSA Luau is this weekend (which is a kinda cheesy thing, but I’m still glad I’ll be around for it) and Sara’s birthday is next week…I’ll just miss it, but I’ll be close.  Shit, maybe I should be getting a gift.  ಠ_ಠ  Sara, what do you want?  Haha.  I’m a little nervous about a few aspects of the trip… there’s some family drama goin on that will probably play a part, and there’s also a risk of running into Jeremy, which would be awkward to say the least.  But oh well.  Such is life.  It’s well worth it. 

THENNNNN on Saturday, Kristin is coming back!  So that’ll be fun.  Or at least I think so, she simply said ‘the ninth’ so I’m assuming she meant this month.  She’s already planned what we’re doing that night so I’ll be embarrassed if I’m a month off.  Markis should be coming back soon, too, if he’s still coming back for summer.  So things are starting to look pretty swell.  (Swell?  Who says swell?)

Dang, I was about to type something else, but got distracted by my use of the word swell.  Oh well, I guess it wasn’t important.  Thanks for reading for the past month!  It’s been crazy.  I don’t know if BEDA will be happening again next April, but I think I’d participate again.  Maybe.  Haha.  Or maybe by next year I’ll have my computer problems sorted out and I can participate in VEDA!  That’d be fun-tastic.  (My birthday, special day, and Christmas all happen between now and next April so maybe I’ll get a mac… hint hint.  just kidding.)

PEACE OUT!  I probably won’t be blogging during my trip because there is no point in taking my laptop with me, and while I can prolly borrow my darling froomie’s laptop (riiiight?) to check my email or something…I prolly won’t blog.  Allison will tell you, her laptop isn’t in much better shape than mine.  Actually, that’s not true.  Hers is in waaaaaay better shape than mine, but it’s still really slow.  Either way, I’m not gonna blog.  I’ve had enough, and I think I’ve earned a week off, dammit!  OK bye for reals.



3 thoughts on “Fuck BEDA

  1. you can only use my computer if you dont have swine flu. lol. JUST KIDDING. i havent been freaking out, you can ask sara. but today me and sara and then later heidi had a competition to see who could name the most diseases. oh and you are going to hang out with me at the concert! (and help clean up… rrrriighttt? 🙂 not that you will get this comment before i see you!

  2. we named hella diseases. it was impressive and also gross. and let it be known, if anyone feels a desperate need to gift me a gift, ask nick. he’s been told. of course the best gift of all is friendship! seriously, though. spending money is for squares.

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