No, seriously.  I’ve had tofu like…once in my entire life.  So many of us meat eaters assume it’s disgusting (and who knows?  We might be right!), but I can’t imagine that all the bajillion tofu-eating tree-hugging animal-loving vegetarians and vegans who swear that tofu is delish if cooked correctly are wrong.  So I’ve decided that I’m gonna try it out.  The only issue is that both my parents would probably not be willing to try it out.  I mention the word tofu around them and my dad kinda grunts, rolls his eyes, and/or stares blankly at me, while my mother gets such a strong look of disgust her face…it’s shocking.  I’m gonna have to make two meals on whichever night I decide to try it out, but I think I can handle it, especially if I make the alternative meal something really easy.  But before all this, I have to determine a really yummy nom-tastic tofu dish to try.  To the internet!


3 thoughts on “I’m gonna try tofu

  1. hey young lady!!

    if it goes well, let me know! I could use something new, too. boca burgers and “:chicken” can only go so far.

    1. It was fairly successful (I couldn’t wait, I had to try it last night) and I’ll post the recipe I used soon. I didn’t manage to take any pics (I was so frazzled from making two meals) so that sucks but yea… post coming soon

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