I’ve decided to apply for a six month internship at a wedding and event planning company based in South Orange County.  I know, right??  I’ve been scouring their website and blog and I adore their work.  The team there seems remarkably and ridiculous awesome and fun, and I have totally convinced myself that it’s destiny.  Haha.  The catch?  It’s unpaid.  I don’t have too much of a problem with that, I think it’d be worth it….but I don’t think my parents would feel the same way.  Regardless, I’m going to take the chance and apply.

Why do I need to rehearse the application, you ask?  Well…it’s a very unique application process, to say the least.  Resume? No.  Cover letter?  Nope!  To apply I have to email a list of 10 random and/or quirky things about me.  That’s it.  Don’t believe me?

Give us a rundown! That’s right- we’re asking for up to 10 random facts about you so that we can get to know who you are! Please feel free to be as quirky and random as we are- basically, catch our attention. From there, we’ll get together and decide who we feel fits best for the projects we’ve got ahead. Email yours [and what’s a good rundown without pictures, huh?] to [email address] and let’s get the ball rollin’ here, folks! We’re not looking for your resume, experience, education… nothing formal or fancy. Just plain old personality!

So there ya go.  I’ve been trying to think of random facts about me all day, things that I think would work for the people on this team (I went back on older posts to read all of the rundowns they have done in the past year or so, for inspiration) and so far I’ve got 4.  Maybe 5.  The description said “up to 10” so I’m gonna shoot for 8 as an absolute minimum.  I’m trying to avoid “I’m adopted” because, well, that says nothing about my personality.  Maybe when I was 13, but not now.  So here’s a draft of the email I’m going to send, with what I’ve got so far. (For the drafts I’m jumping right into the list without the introduction of my name, etc.  Because, well…I just am.)

  1. I adore all things Disney.  Movies, some of the television shows, characters, music, and ESPECIALLY the parks.  My specialty?  Disneyland.  Back when I had an annual pass, I’d go multiple times a month, and I never ever got sick of it, and I doubt I ever will.  I love all the rides, but even if I go all day and only go on two rides, it’s a great day if I’m in Disneyland.  Some of my favorite memories come from Disneyland, including the time my friends and I took a naps on Tom Sawyer’s Island and the day I met up with one of my favorite local comedians (whose comedy sometimes focus on Disneyland) to film an episode of his Youtube comedy show.  I love Disneyland so much so that I’m working on a short musical based on the park.
  2. I have a somewhat irrational fear of Australia.  Yes, the country.  In actuality, the things that terrify me about Australia probably would not affect me if I were to visit, but I probably will never get over my fear long enough to travel there.  I have heard too many scary facts about the wildlife and nature in Australia.  A teacher once told a story about trees that have paper thin (and toxic!) leaves, so thin that they seem invisible while you’re tromping through the bush, that cut passersby and leave the toxin in the cut.  That one tree is enough to keep me out, not to mention the numerous other poisonous plants one can find there.
  3. Greeting cards tend to be my financial kryptonite.  I can’t go into Hallmark or Carlton Card stores, and I have to avoid the greeting card aisles of any other store, especially Borders Books.  During my first semester of college I spent about $17 on cards for no one in particular, with no events or birthdays coming up.  Not too horrible, except for the fact that I had about $20 in my account at the time.  The worst part is, I still have some of those cards sitting on my desk unsent.  And when I have a reason to send a card, I go out and buy new ones, even though I have plenty to use at home.  Any other impulse buy I can usually talk myself out of, but greeting cards always win that battle.
  4. Aside from the essential and involuntary actions of my body (breathing, blinking, sleeping) the one thing I think I do most is sing.  Some days (if I’m home alone) I sing all of my thoughts aloud, rather than simply thinking them.  I sing in the shower, of course, I sing while walking the dogs, despite the strange looks I get, and I sing myself to sleep some nights.  Most people don’t know I sing as often as I do. I don’t want to annoy people with my constant bursting into song, so I restrain myself when interacting with friends, family, and the general public.  All the more reason to let loose and sing my heart out in the privacy of my own home!

So that’s what I’ve got so far.  I really can’t think of anything else remotely interesting about me!


One thought on “Application rehearsal, round 1

  1. dude. you are so cool. i want to be you right now! whats their blog? i just want to check out their page cuz they sound absolutely awesome. im excited for you! i hope you get it! and so what if it doesnt pay, who needs money? ok we all do. but i bet the experience would be so fun and valuable, it will help our wedding business plan out a lot if one of us knows what we are doing. 🙂

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