[I don’t know why the picture isn’t showing up.  I’ve tried posting it elsewhere and using the link, and uploading it directly from my computer. Maybe it’s just my computer? Anyway, if you’re really that interested you can find the picture here]

This is me actually following through with a random blog idea.  Shocking!

I’ve decided to start taking a picture and listing the groceries I purchase whenever I go grocery shopping (“big shopping” is what I used to call it, meaning more than just running to the store to pick up last minute milk and eggs).  This evening I went grocery shopping, then for some bizarre reason (read: in order to show off how much I had carried in one trip) I set out all the shtuffs on the kitchen table, arranged all pretty like, and took a picture.

Groceries Purchased on 06/01/2009:

– 2 15 oz. cans of black beans
-1 bottle of V8 Fusion (Strawberry Banana)
-1 bottle of ground coriander
-1 box of Eat Right cereal (now you know where I shopped!)
-1 dozen eggs
-Lucerne “Mexican style” shredded cheese
-1 gallon 1% milk (my dad’s preference. bleh. nonfat all the way!)
-1 bag of frozen peas
-1 bag of frozen corn
-1/2 gallon of Light Silk Vanilla Soymilk
-5 yoplait yogurts (4 regular, 1 whipped)
-Eat Right veggie burgers
-6 rolls
-2.3 lb bunch of bananas
-2 med. eggplants
-1 red onion
-1 red bell pepper
-2 jalapeños (green)
-1 lb. strawberries
-1 bag of salad/lettuce
-1 lb of soft (silken) tofu
-1 wedge of romano cheese
-Provolone cheese (I forget how much and I’m too lazy to look)

The most expensive items on that list were the damn cheeses (the last two items).  Freakin…lame.  Anyway, I’ve decided to start doing this every time I go grocery shopping…kinda to stop me from buying (too much) junk food.  On occasion there will be cookies or something not so healthy in the mix (for example, the Grande Mocha Frappacino pictured to show off that I really did have my hands full), but that’s usually as a result of my father. I know that’s a lame excuse, but every time we start a grocery list my dad scrawls “cookies” on it.  Every.  Single.  Time.  Even if I’ve just baked up homemade cookies.  He just loves him some cookies.  Cookies and chips.  He loves chips too.  But I digress.  I’m trying to live a healthier life these days, and this is just gonna be one more way to keep myself accountable to “the world”.

PS: I’m using the tofu in tomorrow night’s dinner, in a way that will keep my parents from knowing (hopefully) that they’re eating it!  Shh.  I’ll post the recipe (and pics if I remember to take them) tomorrow night or Wednesday.


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