Well here’s a quick update.  (Of course whenever I say that I end up blogging for ages)

I bought Sims 3.  It was a mistake for multiple reasons, the main one being it wasn’t totally worth my $50 and it leaves me missing Sims 2.  It has it’s good and bad points, as does any video game, but I’m just not loving it as much as I had hoped.  Big disappointment.

Sideshow is still the most amazing musical ever.

I’m taking an online class at RCC for the summer, it starts the 22nd.  I got my textbook for $5.  Go. Me.

I’ve basically reworked the musical entirely.  I just wasn’t loving it and I want to love it, yanno?  So I’m “fixing” it.  I shouldn’t be working on it at all though since John gave up on his Star Wars thing.  (I bet he forgot all about it.)

Markis and I are hipsters.  (Actually, not really.  Well…Markis maybe.)

I saw Up and it was AMAZING.  It deserves its own post.  And it will get one soon.

Yesterday I saw the nicest girl ever at Barnes & Noble.  I’ve known her since sixth grade and hadn’t seen her since graduation.  She’s still ridiculously nice.

I cut the blond bit out of my bangs.  According to James I look more mature now.

I didn’t end up applying to that internship.  I’m still a little bummed, I’m not gonna lie.  But I have an extremely good reason for not applying.

I got a job at Disneyland.  🙂  The day after I posted the little tidbit (random fact #5 I believe, about my love of bad movies), I got a call from the casting center in Anaheim and was offered a job.  I have orientation on Friday and again on Sunday, and should have my training schedule soon.  Muy excited.

Anyway!  That’s about all there is to my life at the moment.  End.


2 thoughts on “woah where have I been?

  1. Sounds like we need a party. One day I would like to visit California and spend some time at Disneyland and of course you will tell us about it. It’s good to hear there’s so much you got going on this summer. I wished I was taking some classes online even if they were online…it still would help with the progress of my years in college. I remember buying Sims 2 I believe a while back and came home to find that Windows ME did not support the game and then when I took the game back months later I got Windows XP and figured that the game would finally work….after I’ve gotten a new computer and the game was gone. But still it’s a good game tho I have the first one.

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