So the time has come to say what I need to say about the breakup, since I’m obviously not gonna have the chance to talk to Jeremy about it beforehand.  And that’s what I was waiting for all along, but oh well.  Life goes on.

I ended it via telephone the night before I changed my facebook status.  And I’m standing by that story no matter what anyone says about it.  Especially Jeremy.  I’m sorry I was unable to make that clear to him, but I was quite certain that it was over.  And I know I at least attempted to make it clear to him.  I had thought he understood before we hung up.   I was wrong about that.  Clearly.

And then he wrote a blog.

He compared himself to Ryan.

That’s when I decided maybe we shouldn’t even pretend to want to be friends.  Because he had no clue what he was talking about.

Maybe I was distant.  Guess why.  I didn’t want to upset him, which was really easy to do.  Along those lines, he doesn’t know everything that happened between Ryan and I.  No one does, except for Ryan and myself.  Maybe I should have told him everything, but it wouldn’t have changed anything at all.  And I didn’t want to cause any more trouble with the issue.  So I sucked it up and moved on.  So, no Jeremy.  You shouldn’t be able to relate to Ryan.  You don’t know how Ryan felt.  And the only thing you have in common with him is the fact that you may very well be an asshole when you’re dumped.

I did try to talk to Jer about things.  But he always seemed uncomfortable whenever I was totally open about my thoughts and feelings.  Especially when I tried to talk about my beliefs.  I know religion can be an awkward subject, but I would want to know what the person I loved thought about God and other aspects of religion, wouldn’t you?  But he just…I dunno.  I guess I felt like he wasn’t listening.  So I stopped talking.  It was hard for me to open up about that stuff.  It always has been.  Ask Jacob, he used to get really frustrated with me, because I wouldn’t talk to him about religion at all.  So it was a big deal to me to talk about it to Jeremy.  I really did try.

So he posts this blog.  And then I get cowardly anonymous comments from lord knows who calling me a bitch on various posts here, all mentioning the fact that I broke up with him.  That’s when I decided to delete Jeremy and his friends from Facebook.  I may not have been able to stop them from viewing my blog, but I could stop them from seeing my profiles on FB and Myspace and all that.  So I did.  So sue me.

Anyway, that’s that.  I’m about 5 months late, I know.  But the timing just felt right.

And I’d also like to thank my bestie James for defending me before I was even ready to defend myself.


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