[caution: for my own amusement I have inserted an unnecessary amount of links into this blog.  like this one!]

As many of my friends may now, I have a bit of a YouTube problem.  What this means is that I subscribe to a lot of people and spend hours (seriously) watching videos that probably won’t do anything for me, as far as general life progress is concerned, instead of using my time, well, wisely.  One of the Youtube users I subscribe too is Blade376.  I just recently subscribed  to his channel, however, so while I was “catching up” (so to speak) on his videos, I found one that he uploaded in May.  (Watch the video here

 In this video, he lists 30 things he wants/plans/aspires to do/see/achieve/experience in the next 365 days.  Yes, I realize it’s a belated New Year’s resolutions list.  I’m okay with that, and you should be too.  While he lists these 30 things, he puts an annotation up in red, and once he accomplishes a task, he changes the annotation to green.  I thought that was really cool, and was going to copy him, but then I decided that I didn’t want to.  Also I couldn’t find my memory card.  (Also I’m lazy.)  So I decided to take the idea, and adapt it to a blog post!  What you’ll see after the jump is my list of 30 things.  And, right off the bat, the first item is ridiculous.  I apologize for that, but I might as well dream big, right?  Right?!  That’s the spirit!

After I’ve accomplished each task I’ll write a blog post about it (I promise) and then turn the corresponding event/item in this post into a link toward that post.  Does that make sense?  Probably not.  English hurts the worms in my brain [explicit].  So this post will be even more link-tacular.

I actually do have a legitimate reason for blog-ify-ing (wow what a word) this idea.  You see… I am a blogger.  And sometimes for fun (or out of boredome more likely) a vlogger.  But definitely a blogger first.  And I’ve been neglecting this blog lately, for various reasons, but one of them, sadly is the time I waste on YouTube stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, making videos is fun and all, but I think I’d rather have a well known blog (which I don’t, but that’s okay!) than a really popular YouTube channel that will eventually be the victim of major backlash.  Does Fred ring a bell?  But I’m getting sidetracked.  To the list! (P.S. This list is in the original order I wrote it in, late at night, without much thought at first.  That’s kinda why #1 is silly.)

By August 5th, 2010 I would like to have achieved the following tasks:

  1. Meet Alan Rickman.  (I so warned you.)
  2. Reach my goal weight (I’ll tell you the number mebbe when I get there.) and maintain it.
  3. Be able to do 20 push ups. (Right now I can’t even do one.  Modified.)
  4. Attend a Bikram Yoga class.
  5. Move out of my parents’ place.
  6. Get all As and Bs in future courses.  In other words, no Cs and definitely no failing grades.
  7. “Pull a Nick” as I like to call it and go on a solo vacation to somewhere new.
  8. Go to Comic Con 2010
  9. Finish one measely song and video for the DLM project.
  10. Get featured for the 2009 Project for Awesome
  11. Attend a YouTube gathering, even if it’s a tiny one.
  12. Visit my Sonoma State people!
  13. Attend a gay pride event.
  14. Attend some sort of rally for an issue I feel passionately about.  Right now I’m thinking along the lines of ‘green’ stuff but you never know.
  15. Finally go full on vegetarian! (I’ll count this one when I’ve been meat-free for 3 months)
  16. Go to Disneyland with someone/people that I’ve never gone with before.  Just because it’s like visiting for the first time, and that’s fun.
  17. Visit my family in Washington (state).
  18. Go out in public in a 2 piece bathing suit and not want to die.
  19. Be acknowledged by/talk to/meet a vlogbrother. (Hank or John Green)
  20. Audition for an entertainment role at work.
  21. Go to a legit club.
  22. Get a phone number from a stranger and actually call it!
  23. See a show (a play, musical, or opera) that I’ve never seen before.
  24. Go to a concert or music festival.
  25. Sing in some sort of talent show or event, not including karaoke.
  26. Learn to play the harmonica!
  27. Volunteer (in a major way) at a charity event or with a non-profit.  (What I mean by “in a major way” is something more than just donating blood [altho that’s cool] or spending a couple hours collecting canned food.  I’m talking helping with a big project.  The first example I can think of is Habitat for Humanity…yanno, building a house.  That’s pretty major.)
  28. Attend a sporting event.  (It’s been a long time!)
  29. Make some new friends (not that there is anything wrong with the ones I have, some of them just tend to be far away from me most of the time).
  30. Read all of Jane Austen’s novels.

Well, there ya go!


4 thoughts on “365.30

  1. this is cool. and i seriously just read this good novel about almost the same thing. its called Next on My List by Jill Smolinski.

  2. you’ve already done at least one of these, but maybe you were just really tired that day. also you had to work, which sucked.

    1. I know but I’d like to do it again. Within the next year. See…now I’ve gone to Disneyland with all of my current friends (with the exception of one person…that bastard) so this is actually a little tougher than you’d think.

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