I read a lot of blogs.  The blogging community is kinda my thing these days.  Some people have youtube, some people have…I dunno.  Other websites (aside from Facebook and Myspace).  And I do the whole blog thing.

A handful  of the blogs I read are Disney related.  And of those, most are DisneyLAND related.  And of THOSE, most are written by former cast members.  Coincidentally enough, these cast members are primarily from the 70s and 80s.  And apparently those were the only good years at the park.  And to them I say good day!

I’m so sick of reading about how awful Disneyland is these days and how it was so much better back in the day and yadda yadda yadda.  Yet all of these bloggers have annual passes and go regularly and take friends and family… If it’s so horrible, and all you do is gripe about the way things used to be when you’re there, why bother?  I have memories of things that aren’t at the park anymore.  I miss things and occasionally hate the changes that have been made, but I still enjoy going to the park and I don’t let the changes ruin my day.

The other thing that bugs me about these blogs, that didn’t bother me before since I didn’t know any better, are how uppity they are about “being a good cast member”.  I simply do NOT believe that when these people worked at Disneyland 20 some odd years ago they were chipper every day and always happy to be there.  Sometimes you’re sick, sometimes your cast members give you shit, sometimes people are extra stupid, etc.  I’ve never been rude to a guest or a fellow cast member, but that doesn’t mean I’ve always been jumping for joy every second of my shift.  Sorry, but it’s true.  Yet these bloggers act like if you ever EVER fail to smile for half a moment you don’t deserve to work for Disneyland and shouldn’t even bother.  Uhhhmmmm.  Eff that.  I mean, I love my job and the majority of my time spent there is FANTASTIC, but let’s get real.

Anyway, that’s my mini-rant.  I don’t want to link to the blogs I’m talking about because I don’t really want them to think I’m trying to call them out or whatever.  I also don’t want to get them any extra traffic.  Bwahaha.


One thought on “Snob Blogs

  1. I know what you mean about the rosy-glassesness. It’s nice to have memories but it becomes a whole philosophical position for some folks. Um I’ve lived in the past.. it was alright. But improvements happen in the future, and I like those.

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