Welcome back to the world of Synchroblogging, faithful reader(s)! The topic this time around is ‘If I had a superpower…’

First, I want to distinguish between a superpower and a superability.  Some may argue that there is no difference.  I would like to politely disagree.  When I think “superpower” I think of superheroes with powers that they can use for the greater good.  Super-strength, super-speed, super-vision, flight, heat-vision, etc.  The more “traditional” of superpowers, so to speak.  Super-abilities, on the other hand, make me think of things that primarily help out the individual that possesses that ability.  The ability to heal, for example.  Like Wolverine or whats-her-face from Heroes.  Other abilities that I tend to think of are mind-reading, time travel, and psychic abilities such as seeing the future, telepathy, and telekinesis.  Sure, folks with these abilities certainly can use them to help others, but it’s more of a long-term thing (rather than jumping in front of a bullet) and initially these gifts help the individual with the ability.  If I had the ability to turn invisible, for example, I’m helping myself first, by being able to sneak around and not get caught, and then I’m helping out whomever I need to sneak around to get to.

So.  If I had a superpower.  Well, there’s the issue of which power I’d choose (assuming I have a choice).  My answer is about to be terribly cliché.  Yup.  The power of flight.  But listen to my main reason!  No carbon emissions!  Hellz yea.   Look at me tying “go green!” into this.  But it’s true!  Also, no traffic, which means getting to places in better time.  Less travel time = more quality time.  Flying means less money spent on gas, parking, car maintenance, bus/plane/train tickets… Awesome!

Now comes the inevitable question of how I would use my power.  Would I try to hide it, or only tell close friends?  Would I use it for good?  Would I use it at all?  It’s hard to say.  Using any power for good is always a great sacrifice.  If you help one person, you have to help everyone.  The best way I can relate this to real life is like at my job…if you let one family take a picture at Roger load/dispatch, EVERYONE wants a picture.  Then you dispatch cars into the attraction more slowly, meanwhile cars are backing up in the holds.  Next thing you know, the Hold 3 spiel times out and Roger Rabbit is 101 for the next 25-30 minutes while you’re evacuating the same people who insisted on taking a picture in the first place.  (OK, so maybe that only makes sense to me.  101 means “non-operational”.  When the Hold 3 spiel times out, the computer controlling the ride system automatically “hits and emergency stop”.  Does that help?)  If you do something for one person, everyone just expects the same treatment all the time, no exceptions.  Am I willing to take that risk?  Honestly, not entirely.  I have no problem with helping others out, but I’ve seen the movies.  Superheroes have no lives, strained relationships, etc.  With business people, friends tell them to work less, spend more time with family, take some ‘me-time’,  etc.  No one says that to Superman.  At least, not enough people.  No one cares that Bruce Wayne is finally getting back on the dating scene after the whole Catwoman fiasco, and has a date tonight.  No one cares that Peter Parker needs to get home to MJ because she’s ovulating.  No one cares that Bruce Banner has an anger management class to get to.  Anyway, I didn’t mean for this to become a social commentary, but you see my point.  There’s no in-between when it comes to superpowers.  No balance.  It’s all or nothing.  And, by nature, I’m a fence-sitter.  I think that if I actually did have a superpower, I would use it, and not just for myself…but mostly out of guilt.  Overall, I’m very glad I’m un-super.


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