1. This is kinda late, but I worked 7am-3:30pm today and then came home and slept for two hours, so this is really the first time I’ve been on the computer all day.
2. Blog swap!  You can find my post (about my job, yet again) by clicking on this link!  Do it!  And then read more of Krameymartin’s shtuff!

Hi all of Alissa’s people! It’s such a pleasure to be here with you all as a part of the 20SB Blog Swap! I’m Krameymartin, come and visit me anytime, and I’m here to talk a little bit about creativity and how this “gift” affects my life.

I’ve always loved to draw, arrange things, pick colors, scrapbook, use computers, do “crafts and shop. I love the food network, the style channel, and any fashion or home decorating magazine I can get my hands on.

I have the “gift” or CURSE as I sometimes view it, of knowing what colors and patterns, shapes and clothes go together. While I definitely relish this fact most of the time, it OFTEN and quite literally keeps me up at night. If I come across a decorating/style/graphic design dilemma sometime throughout my day, I literally cannot fall asleep at night without figuring it out first. We’re building a new house and I lay awake almost every night designing it in my head. When we have events to go to, I spend my spare time dreaming up the perfect outfit. It’s so great to be able to put things together, but the quest for perfection often thwarts me from actually getting anything done. And because I’m so easily distracted by the creative, I sometimes have a difficult time focusing on the more concrete, especially writing. I can picture things so clearly in me head, but when it comes to describing them in words, I often fall short.

It’s so much easier to draw, design or style the things I see.

The best part of being a creative person is the fact that I can literally create an entire world inside my head. That sounds a little crazy, but it comes in real handy when you are trying to decorate a new home, help a friend get dressed over the phone or come up with the perfect gift. Also, there are so many beautiful creations out there, and I love the fact that I can store those images in my mind. I could sit for hours and look at fabric. I could spend days with my head in a fashion magazine. I could dive into a “look book” created by an interior designer and never return.

And quite honestly, my pretty little world can be a whole heck of a lot nicer than the real one sometimes.

How do y’all channel your creative natures? What sorts of things inspire you?

Thanks for having me and come visit real soon!


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