I can’t choose one.  Well, I probably could, but my second choice is so amazing that I had to mention it for 2009 as well.

Two books that I read this year that I absolutely loved were Ishmael by Daniel Quinn and No Impact Man by Colin Beavan.

I cannot say enough about either of them.  I wish I could say they changed my life, but that’s sadly not entirely true.  They have, however, changed my way of thinking about a lot of things.  For realsies.  (Sorry, I’m BWT [blogging while tired] so eloquence is out of the picture.)  That being said, the lack of life changing is totally my fault.  These were both impulse buys at Barnes and Noble, from just killing time by wandering around a bookstore.  And they were the best impulse buys ever.  I highly highly highly recommend them to everyone.  Ishmael is already on the required reading list for any potential husbands and all my future children.  (Don’t worry, neither of those lists actually exist.)  I think the fact that I read them right after each other really enhanced the experience.  Just…read them, okay?!

I really could go on for ages about both books, but I’m getting sleepy and I open tomorrow (although by the time this posts I’ll have four minutes until I clock out…) so I’m gonna stop now before I make any less sense.

This post is part of the Best of 2009 Blog Challenge.


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