Thank you for pushing me so far past my comfort zone that I finally started thinking about I wanted for once.  Thank you for giving me that last straw that broke this camel’s back.

Thank you for marrying my mistake.

Thank you for reminding me that I deserve better.

Thank you for thanking me.

Thank you for the heartbreaking reminder to show people how much you care for them while you have the chance.  I miss you.

Thank you for allowing me to love horrible music non-ironically.

Thank you for buying me so much stuff.  You were the closest I had to a sugar daddy and I still kinda miss it sometimes.

Thank you for showing your true colors.

Thank you of curing me of my bad boy phase quickly and effectively.

Thank you for my unapologetic Atheism.

Thank you for supporting me when I was so confused, and for keeping a respectful distance while I was dealing with the consequences.

Thank you for making him look so stupid with me, it was fun.

Thank you for asking me out in front of the entire 8th grade.

Thank you for being so many milestones over the years.  We’ve seen some of each others most embarrassing moments, and even if we never see each other again I’ll always appreciate you being so understanding through all the weird times.

Thank you for nothing.  I’m sure I learned something from you but I sure as hell can’t remember what it is at the moment.

Thank you for making out with me.

Thank you for not telling.

Thank you for the kiss on the cheek.

Thank you for loving in me in all your absurd ways.


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