Through The Broke and the Bookish I discovered this 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge being hosted by April over at Good Books and Good Wine!  I’m not necessarily a book blogger, but I do love books and I haven’t had much will to post what I actually intended to post so I figured this might warm me up to actually blogging about wedding planning.  Oh, did I give something away?


Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be posting these on a daily basis but it’ll at least get me started a bit.  Here we go!


 Make 15 Book Related Confessions:

1. I have been known to spend as much as 8 hours in a bookstore, with a stack of all sorts of books by my side.

2. I have never purposefully trashed a book (until recently, but that’s another story for another day.  #craftingproblems), but I actually do like the look of a book with a little stain here and there or that’s rough around the edges.  Those are the books that have been the most well-loved.

3. Speaking of well-loved books, I have a book that I’ve read so many times that in 8th grade it literally fell into two pieces.  I still have them rubber banded together on my bookshelf.

4. I like to write in books.  I once got a book from a relative that had notes they had written in it from when they were younger and I loved reading their notes as much as the book itself, and I hope that someday my children or grandchildren will experience that same feeling.  It’s almost like reading someone’s old diary.

5. When Jared and I eventually buy a house, we’re gonna have to plan for an extra room for our books.  I am bound and determined to get my library just like the Beast’s in Beauty and the Beast, dang it!

6. All I ever wanted growing up was a window seat/reading nook.  I never got one but I can almost guarantee my children will, even if I use it more than they do.

7. One time in school we had to make up a soundtrack to a book we read and ever since then I’ve always kinda done that in my mind.  It’s actually pretty fun!

8. I am notorious for reading more than one book at a time.  I think the only times I’ve focused on only one book at a time was when I was reading the Harry Potter series, and that’s because I would go to the midnight release and then read non-stop until I was finished.

9. I have been known to go months between reading the same book.  I’ll just get distracted by something else, and then pick it up again a few months later.

10. As much as I hate the term “chick-lit” I do enjoy those types of novels.  Light, fun, easy reads for the beach or for travel days.

11. I’m probably never going to outgrow YA books.  I think everyone can relate to the unease of being a teen.

12. Along those same lines, I LOVE children’s books!  I have books from when I was a kid that I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of!

13. I cannot read scary books.  It can be broad daylight or early morning…I cannot read them.  Too scary!

14. If I see a beautiful cover of a classic book, it takes all my willpower (and a reality check from my bank account) to prevent me from buying it.  Even if I didn’t even like a particular classic, it’s just so refreshing to see a new cover for it!

15. I am forever indebted to my mom and my aunt for fostering my love of reading, especially to my aunt.  She gave me the Anne of Green Gables series, and she got me my first Harry Potter books.


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