I have decided to do a thing.  That thing is this.  I’m going to blog every day in December.  I’m not gonna lie, I have a few posts somewhat pre-planned, but generally for the next 31 days I will be posting up content on this sad deserted blog of mine.  I’ve been meaning to blog more anyway…as I’ve said about a million times this year.  Mostly to myself, because goodness knows I haven’t put it online. Hopefully this plan doesn’t fall to pieces like other recent plans I’ve had for this here bloggity blog.  (Yeah, I’m a class act.)

December is always busy for me, between work and the holidays and stressing over finances, so if I can do it this month I’m proving that I can at least post regularly throughout the rest of the year.

Blogging daily is one of a handful of goals I have for this month:

  • Lose a couple pounds.  I know I won’t lose crazy amounts with the treats that are customary this time of year, especially since my coworkers tend to bring in lots of goodies, but I’d rather not gain weight this December.  For once.  September was the first time I had gotten weighed in a long time (for a health incentive program at work) and since then I’ve floated around the 2 to 5 pounds lost mark.  So if I can manage to float around 8 pounds lost that would be great.  And then January I can go back to strictly rabbit food.
  • Along the same lines, I’d like to work out (by that I mean walk a couple miles) at least twice a week this month.  Again, not a crazy huge goal but I think it’s achievable.  As of now I work out…never.  So any progress is good, right?
  • Pay off that stupid parking ticket that I keep putting off because I’m broke as…poop.
  • Not spoil a huge surprise that J is planning.  I have the means of finding out all the info…but I must resist!  I’m the worst at that though.  Such a snoop.

Anyway…I have about zero readers right now but I look forward to sharing this month with all of you, regardless of how non-existent you are!


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