It’s that time of year again…or at least very nearly.  Everyone starts prattling off this list of resolutions for the new year, including you, and including me.  We all do this nonsense but rarely do people follow through.  I don’t know if it’s because we are over-ambitious or lazy or stupid or just full of shit…or all of the above, but it gets pretty frustrating.  After awhile people make you sick with their resolutions that you know they won’t fulfill, and then you make yourself sick because you are doing the same damn thing.  I digress.

I think a big part of this problem is how people look at these resolutions.  They just say them and expect them to magically happen.  “I resolve to lose 50 pounds.”  Well, that’s not a resolution.  Yes, technically, you can just will yourself to do it, but it’s not magic.  It’s a goal.   A goal is losing 50 pounds.  How you do it is the resolution.  “My goal is to lose 50 pound and in order to do so I resolve to…” etc.  Maybe I’m over analyzing things.  I almost certainly am.

And then there are the challenges.  I used to be especially guilty of this in high school.  “I resolve not to eat pasta this year.” That is, first of all, a stupid ass (and real) resolution for a 19 year old fat chick to have.  Also, it’s not a resolution.  It’s a fucking personal challenge.  I feel the same about people who cut out soda, meat, caffeine…video games, whatever.  It’s a challenge.  If you are truly addicted to something, say smoking, and this is a misguided attempt to quit said habit, I guess I respect the intent.  But really that’s not how to get shit done.  Cold turkey does not work in the long run.  I was a vegetarian for a year, just to see if I could do it, and I never tried to fool myself into thinking it was some sort of resolution.  It was a challenge.  Because what is the point of resolving to cut something out of your life if you’re just going to pick it back up at the end of the year?  It’s a little bit ridiculous.

Semantics, man.


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