Yes, folks, here it is…the dreaded body image post that seems to be required of ever female’s blog.  For damn good reason.  I could go on and on about body image issues, the media/society’s roles in our insecurities, the patriarchy and so on, but today I shall refrain.  Today is going to be more reflective, and hopefully more positive.

I had a “bad” day today in terms of body image.  Man did I feel gross and fat and worthless.  But in my quest to start loving myself better I decided to focus on what I love about my body instead.  I invite you all to do the same.

  • My natural hair color is awesome.  I can’t believe I used to dye it and fuck with it.  It’s gorgeous.  Great brown coloring with subtle but varied highlights.
  • My hair can hold a curl like a BOSS.
  • My skin tone is relatively even, and my freckles are cute but not so overbearing that they distract from my other features.  Perf.
  • I love my bold eyebrows.  I never need to fill them or anything and they frame my face like the motherfuckin Aarons Brothers.  Yeah, I did just make that joke.
  • My cheekbones are on point!
  • To quote Larry the Cucumber, I love my lips!
  • Overall, my face carries makeup well, which I’m grateful for since I like to try out new looks when I can.
  • My collarbones are hawt.  I’ve always loved them.
  • I complain about my boobs a lot (they are big, and they hurt my back) but at least I have them.
  • Do I got a booty?  I doooooooo!
  • My elbows are bony and pointy.  I accidentally hurt Jared a lot.  BUT!  Growing up, if my cousins or other male cohorts were beating me up or something…I could certainly defend myself.  Elbows FTW!
  • I like my knees.  For similar reasons.  Also they’re just nice.
  • My calves are the bomb.  In fact, so are my thighs.  Those guys totally get me through the day.  They help me walk mountains.  Literally.
  • Same goes for my feet.

Anyway, that was my gratuitous self-love list.  Damn am I hot.


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