It all started my Sophomore year of high school.  Spanish 2.  I remember feeling like Jacob looked familiar, but I didn’t have any memory of seeing him around campus before.  My boyfriend at the time, Matt, was also in that class, but I ended up being seated next to Jacob.

Before I met Jacob I had a very vague understanding of what it meant when someone was a Mormon.  I had heard jokes about polygamy and I specifically remember a line in Eddie Izzard’s stand up special Dress to Kill in which he refers to Mormons as Martians, but other than that all I knew about them is that they were really religious.

Jacob later told me that he had seen me before as well, and that his first impression of me was “Why is she dating that Matt kid?” and that I won him over with my sarcastic (and often rude) remarks about our teacher.  That man despised me, but he loved Jacob.  He was also Mormon.  A lot of our teachers at our school were Mormon men.  And they definitely played favorites.

I did like Jacob a lot.  Confession: I was a serial dater in high school, and as horrible as this is to admit, I always knew who my next romance would be even while I was still with whomever I was currently dating.  I know, I was a man eater.  Whenever there was a group project Matt and I would team up with Jacob and another girl in class to get the job done, and if we were expected to pair up during class Jacob and I would always work together since we sat next to each other.  We got to know each other pretty well during those times.

Eventually Matt and I did break up (twice actually, that was another bad habit of mine) and the Jacob Era began.  Our first day was May 20th, 2005.  It was a double date with my best friend Kristin and her boyfriend at the time, Julian.  We went to a bowling alley and found that there was no open bowling that night (even though I had called earlier to confirm) and so were left wandering around Norco.  We went to a reptile store where Julian yammered on about lizards or something and then we went to In-N-Out.  Jacob and I held hands and Julian mocked us.  Later my parents picked Jacob and I up with my younger cousin Brendan in tow (he was staying with us that night for whatever reason).  I remember Brendan was being such a brat to Jacob, and it became a bit of an inside joke.  We dropped Jacob off at his house and I walked him to the door, where we had our first kiss.

I fell for Jacob hard and fast.  I liked his family for the most part, and my parents liked him, but the relationship certainly had it’s issues.  I really wanted us to be exclusive (I mean, we weren’t seeing anyone else anyway) but he wouldn’t agree to it because I wasn’t Mormon.  Finally, one day, I don’t remember when, we were finally MYSPACE OFFICIAL (yeah, MySpace) but it only lasted about two weeks (if that, I really don’t remember) before he broke up with me over AOL Instant Messenger one morning.  He blamed his mother, saying that she felt more comfortable with him dating someone of the same religion and she didn’t see the point of dating someone who wasn’t a member since we couldn’t get married.  The other issue was that I was still 15 and Mormons have a rule of no dating before 16.  How she allowed him to go on the date in the first place, I don’t know.

At this point I was already convinced that Jke (his nickname at the time) was The One.  If I had to join a religion to be with him, I would.  And thus the seed was planted.  It took me a long time to follow through, but I decided that I would talk to missionaries and see what was up with this Mormon thing.


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