Well, folks, I have some news.  Most of you who read this either stumbled here on the ex-mormon tag or already know me IRL but for the sake of being thorough I figured I would keep y’all updated on the blog as well.


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The story of our engagement is pretty simple.  A group of friends (including J and I) went down to the Santa Monica Pier for some fun-filled festivities and whatnot.   We were taking some photos together and then Jared popped the question!  I said yes, and then proceeded to ask if I could put on pants.  (Everyone was dressed nicely for the photos and I was freezing.)

I had a pretty strong suspicion that the proposal was coming, but I’m still very happy that I (finally) have this gorgeous ring on my finger!  We’ve already begun a little bit of wedding planning and have a tentative date, but for now we’re just taking it easy and planning a trip to see my family so we can celebrate properly!


2 thoughts on “Even Engaged Girls Need Pants

  1. I haven’t even thought about picking a date yet…I’m a little worried, since 98% of those I want to be there will be coming from out of state, and picking the wrong date could mean no one comes. :c


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