While Jared and I aren’t in full swing of wedding planning yet (we’ve been tossing around ideas for a long time now and we picked the date ages ago, but we have no solid plans to speak of), the time has come to start thinking finances.  I personally hate thinking finances, because that is when I start stressing out and wanting to just run away and move back in with Mom and Dad.  The fact of the matter is that Jared and I are effin’ broke as…fuck.  (I wanted to have a cute little pun there but we are so broke it ain’t even funny.)  It’s a struggle to pay rent every month, let alone paying deposits on vendors and buying craft supplies for DIY projects.

Jared has plans to start up an Etsy shop soon (he’s actually working on inventory right now) and has also been looking for a second job for awhile, but I personally have every intention of heading back to school in the Fall.  If I do head back to school I won’t have time for a second job and that’s even more money I’ll be shelling out on the regular.  Yes, I’ll have to rely on student loans a bit anyway, but the whole situation makes me a little panicky.  My mother mentioned helping to pay for the wedding but I have no idea how much my or Jared’s parents are able/willing to help, and I’m really dreading those conversations.  J and I have vowed to stop eating out, with the exception of special occasions and maybe a once-a-month treat, but that’s not enough.  Unfortunately there isn’t much else we spend money on.  I’ll have to stop impulse buying makeup products, but other than that all we spend money on is food, rent, and utilities.  The struggle.  So real.

The next step, which I also don’t like to do, is start meal planning.  Hardcore.  Every meal.  Every day.  That way we don’t waste money on unnecessary food items and/or throw food away that we end up not eating.  I have always struggled with meal planning but hopefully knowing that it’s helping me afford the dress of my dreams or something will help motivate me to stick with it.

The good news, however, is that with meal planning and skipping the trips to McDonald’s and Chipotle we’ll hopefully start losing a little bit of weight!  I mean, if we’re meal planning anyway, we might as well plan healthy meals and snacks, right?  Of course right!  The other good news is that I tend to eat when  I’m bored and if there isn’t any food to mindlessly munch on I’ll have to find other ways to occupy my time…like maybe working out?!  Who knows?

And so it is with hesitant enthusiasm (yes I love a good oxymoron) that I begin this phase of my life: The Penny Pinchin’ and Waist Cinchin’ Phase.


One thought on “Time for Penny Pinchin’ and Waist Cinchin’

  1. I plan every meal for every week. Yeah, it kind of sucks, but it makes going to the grocery store more predictable. The problem at the beginning is, geez, how do you know what you’ll want to eat or make? After awhile, you’ll build up a set of recipes that you can cycle through, and as you see people sharing other recipes you can give them a try. If you like meat, do chicken and buy it in bulk from somewhere like Costco or *shudder* Walmart. Truly is half as cheap by the pound the more you buy. Plus, it’s pretty versatile.

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