Hello there!  Today I thought I’d offer something a little different from my usual moaning and talk about a book I bought less than 24 hours ago.

I first heard about The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing (Marie Kondo) from vlogger Grace Helbig and mostly forgot about it until I was perusing Barnes & Noble last night and saw the book in person.  First of all, it’s a miracle that I remembered the title of it at all.  I think it was the word “magic” or perhaps “life-changing” that did the trick.  Anyway, it was already pretty cheap and it was 30% off so after skimming the introduction I decided to bring this little nugget home.

Now, obviously, this isn’t a full-on review.  I bought it last night.  Granted, it is short enough that, had I not worked today, I could probably have read through it already, but as it stands I am on page 42.  This is a first impression of a book.  I know “first impression” type reviews are typically saved for beauty products but I am honestly already feeling pretty pumped about this book so I want to write something about it NOW.  My blog, my rules.

Marie Kondo promotes ideas about tidying up that go against most conventional wisdom I’ve heard in my life, either from my mom or other media outlets (magazines and the like).  Tidying up, in this case, doesn’t mean slowly cleaning small areas of your home, but doing one big overhaul of your space all at once (and at once, in Kondo’s terms, means about six months of focused and purposeful tidying).  She has some simple~ steps, the first being to discard items that do not spark joy.  But even BEFORE that, you are meant to fully envision why you are wanting to tidy, and then examine the “why” behind that, and so on…  Basically, look at your life and look your choices!  (That was a reference to an internet video.  I might be writing a post about an organizational book but I mean, that doesn’t make me mature.)

Anyway, that’s where I left off.  I take these things seriously and I’m gonna examine the hell out of my life and choices.  I’m gonna envision what I want and then I’m gonna get started on discarding items that do not bring me joy.  (From what I’ve heard, she starts with clothes.)

My impressions so far?  Well, like I said, I’m already feeling pretty pumped.  I think it’s her straightforward method of communicating that I’m responding to.  Plus I’ve been reading so much hype about this book tonight on other blogs that I’m itching to get started and, well, experience that life-changing magic I keep hearing about.  Also, this might seem silly, but the cover is very calming to me.

What I’m not in love with is the structure of this book.  It’s broken up into chapters, which are then broken up into smaller sections, which is fine… But they way information is divided up doesn’t seem very organic to me.  Maybe it’ll make more sense later one once the actual tidying gets under way.

Anyway, I look forward to progressing into this book and sharing the results here, whenever I finish tidying the current hell-hole I live in!  (I’m not exaggerating, by the way… there’s a hole in our wall that leads straight to Hell.)

(okay maybe I am exaggerating a little)

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