I think most Americans can relate to this: I am exhausted.  Election season is slowly grinding to a halt, and no matter the outcome, I’m dreading the aftermath.  I’m tired of the constant fighting on social media, family gatherings, and even workplaces.  I’m tired of the memes.  I’m tired of hearing Trump say something offensive that demeans my entire existence, and I’m tired of Clinton being not Bernie Sanders.  I’m frustrated with our current electoral system.  I am just so done with everyone being up in arms about everything.  So much nastiness, my poor little heart can hardly take it.  Again, I think many Americans are sharing similar feelings from both sides of the aisle, so to speak.

Luckily for us, we have a wonderful distraction.  Something to remind us of what really matters amongst all the misdirected hate that is being thrown back and forth: COFFEE CUPS.  Now instead of shouting about the future of our country, we can rant and rave about cups.  And if you like the cups?!  You can rant and rave about how STUPID people are for being MAD about the cups!  Congratulations!

Starbucks Community Cup

For the record, this post is not about cups, or the election, or the pipeline, or whatever the hell else people are fighting about these days… I could not give less shits about what is on the cup I drink coffee from, really.  And let’s be honest, we knew this was going to happen.  We all knew that at some point a group of people would scream on Twitter about cups.  We also all knew that a different group of people would scream back about how dumb the first group is.  What I want to know is…why the fuck do we care at all?

Why is everyone’s first reaction to anything at all extreme rage?  Be angry about over-sized oompa loompas insulting POWs. Be angry that corrupt politicians consistently get off the hook.  That makes sense. But don’t be angry at your Facebook friend that you haven’t talked to since high school for voting for a third party.  Don’t be angry that Starbucks put a nice design on a paper cup that you will barely look at before tossing it in the trash.  Don’t be angry that Beyonce sang at the CMAs, and you don’t even have to be outraged that the CMAs acted like Beyonce didn’t appear at the CMAs when their fans got mad about it.  You can care, sure.  You can try to have a discussion with someone you disagree with.  You can tweet your disappointment to a corporation for a maybe misguided advertisement.  Go for it.  But anger doesn’t always work.  When you are at an 11 for something like a cup, your anger packs less of a punch when you give an impassioned speech about institutionalized racism in the country music industry.  I’m sure most of you have heard of the boy who cried wolf.  We have become the country that cried outrage.

Here’s the thing: we have every right to be angry.  Things are fucked up right now.  But screaming at strangers on the internet is not helping.  DO something.  VOTE.  Join a peaceful protest.  Only shop with companies that share your values.  VOTE in your LOCAL ELECTIONS.  Call your representative.  Volunteer for an organization that is making a difference.  Just…please stop shouting.  All this noise is hurting my head (and, as cheesy as it sounds, it’s hurting my heart too).

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