I’m what us millenials like to call multi-passionate.  Ironic, considering one of my last posts (over a year ago…I’m on a strict posting schedule, clearly) was all about how I had no interests and no idea what to blog about, and the frustration of wanting to write but having nothing to say.  I’ve started to figure it out, I think.  The problem isn’t me and my lack of tunnel-vision like focus on one hobby or interest.  The problem is niches.

Pick one topic to write about?  Just one?  First of all, that’d be boring.  Second of all, that’s impossible.  Life is not made up of simple topics with no subsets or tangents.  That’s not reality.  If I want to write I’m gonna write.  And if something I wrote about reminds me of something else, I’m gonna write about that too.  So fuck niches.

Lately I’ve been thinking about what I want to do in life.  And the answer is a little bit of everything.  And in the process of doing a little bit of everything, I’ll probably want to write about it.  So, if I’ve already decided that my blog is about, I dunno, thrift shopping, I wouldn’t be able to share everything I learned about myself during my adventures in…sky diving.  I have no idea.  This is all nonsense.  And that’s fine!  Because this is my blog.  So fuck your niche, I’m partying in the entire universe.

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