Alissa and Jared met at their place of employment in late 2009.  Everyone talked about them because they were obviously in love and totally in denial.  Alissa and Jared FINALLY came to terms with reality and began dating in September 2010 and soon gained their own celebrity couple nickname: Jarissa.  Yeah, they’re pretty cool.  The coolest, actually.

They spend a lot of time being broke and enjoying nerdy activities like reading and watching lots of YouTube videos and reblogging each other’s posts on Tumblr.  They also enjoy eating, because food is awesome.

In public they try to play it cool but in reality they are the most disgustingly lovey-dovey affectionate couple to ever exist ever.  They argue over who is cuter, call each other adorable names like Fart Face, and their conversations regularly devolve into tickle fights.  Totally gross.

And now for gratuitous Jarissa photos for no reason:

264696_785966544887_3588529_n 309670_10150425018939853_1182953096_n 377470_2319537461237_570096098_n 396173_10100823272103207_1403911693_n #sorrynotsorry


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